Skanda Sashti





 The story of the birth of Lord Muruga, who is also known as Subramaniya, Karthikeya, Skanda, Shanmuga dates back to the legend of defeating the demon or anti God, Surapadma. To mark an end to the demon, the celestial beings with Indra Dev as the leader, sought the help of Lord Brahma. Brahma who proclaimed that only the spark of Shiva can produce the hero, who will defeat the powers of the evil, sought the help of Parvati and Kama (the God of Love). Parvati agreed to help, and engaged herself in a severe penance to attract Lord Shiva's attention, while Kama engaged himself in the "suicidal mission" of arousing Shiva from His Samadhi.

 The penance of Parvati and the sacrifice of Kama paid off finally- Lord Shiva was awakened from his deep state of meditation. He opened his forehead eye and created Six Great Fire Sparks that dropped into the holy Ganges. It was then that, Lord Shiva approved six beautiful maidens called 'Karthigai Pengal' (Women of Karthiga) to look after the babies. When the babies attained a certain age Lord Shiva blessed them and made them as one person-Lord Muruga; the divine warrior.


Skanda Sasti festival – 7 days (October – November)


Devotees numbering about 5 lakhs will participate in the above festival. On this festival occasion devotees fast for all six days. On the sixth day Surasamharam is demonstrated. On the 7th day Thirukkalyanam to Deivanai is celebrated  in a grand manner.

Every year on behalf of this festival  the district administration declared local holiday for whole district.

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