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Sanitary Napkins


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Esther Women SHG


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Napkin Activities run by Women SHG assisted under sgsy Programme

Production of Sanitary Napkins

The Vellalanvillai nagar village is situated near by Udangudi town. The villagers are mainly occupied in the coolly work at salt manufacturing lands. The NGO, certco trust is a well know established trust in Udangudi town.



The Esther woman self help group started by certco trust having 16 members. As per the direction of the NGO the Esther SHG discuss among themselves and come forward to start a Sanitary Napkins production. The group also availed revolving fund and started the business in a samall manner. After availing the revolving fund the group approached the Thoothukudi DRDA to improve the Sanitary Napkins production Business in a large scale and through which they wants to engage all the group members into the business. As such they availed economic assists through SGSY fund of Rs.1,25,000/- (One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand Only) and they received the loan of Rs3,75,00/- through Indian Overseas Bank, Paramakuruchi


The group was given skill training on Sanitary Napkins by Read Institution, Madurai through SGSY training fund. During the skill training period from 10.02.2006 to 13.02.2006 the SHG learned the manufacturing of Sanitary Napkins Bandus Model, Belt Model for women beneficiaries. The SHG was also exposed in skill training, processing, costing, pricing, marketing and etc.,



The SHG started the production and all the SHG members are involved in the business. They gave trade name as safety care to the product. The product is selling in private hospitals, ladies hostels and private medical shop. The hard work and sincere effort of the SHG, the sale is improved day by day and they got confident of running the businees independently. The join venture of the DRDA and Esther SHG, the SHG come up and stood in their own leg. All the 19 members are engaging in the business and give production approximately 6,000 Napkins in a month. Each member of the group gets the earning of Rs.1,500 per month at the initial period. The SHG’S effort is noted by other SHG’S and they also have the impression to start this business, since the availability of marketing is easy for all.

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