Thoothukudi is a port town situated in the Gulf of Mannar about 125Km.North of Cape Commorin and 720km south of Thoothukudi and its environs from part of the coastal belt which forms a continuous stretch of the flat country relieved here and there by small rockout crops. The region, surrounding Thoothukudi is liberally dotted with rain fed tanks. Red soils found on the southern side of the Tuticroin town is composed quartz and variable quantities of fine red dry dust. The port is an all weather one. The bay formed by the Hare Island, Devils point and the main land gives ample protection to the lighters from monosonic weather.

The town is a fast growing industrial belt of South India. Realising the importance of the town, the Department of Town and country Planning notified Thoothukudi Town and its surrounding 29 villages as Local Planning Area and constituted the Thoothukudi Local Planning Authority to guide and control the development in an orderly manner.

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