Islands in Thoothukudi District

The Gulf of mannar is situated on the eastern side of the district. Five coral islands in the Gulf of Mannar fall within the administrative control of Thoothukudi district. Twenty islands in the Gulf are devided into four groups(i.e) the Thoothukudi group, Vembar group, Kilakarai group and Mandabam group.Pandiyan Theevu, Van Theevu, Koswari Theevu, Kariyashuli Theevu and Villangushuli Theevu are included in Thoothukudi group of islands.

1. Pandyan Theevu (Island)
The Pandyan Theevu is of Two parts, north (Thoothukudi Taluk) and south (Srivaikundam Taluk). The local name of the northern part is Hare Island or Muyal Theevu.It forms part of Thoothukudi revenue village (i.e) village no.28 as per the survey records.The survey number of the island is 394 of Thoothukudi Taluk and the southern part is 394 of Srivaikundam Taluk. It was first surveyed, mapped and included in the land records in 1911 by the Deputy Director of Survey of the Government of Madras Presidency. It is situated as at a distance of six km. east of Thoothukudi in the Gulf of Mannar.

2. Van Theevu
The Van Theevu is locally called as Church Island.The island forms part of Keela Arasanadi village of Ottapidaram Taluk (village no.322). The area of the island is 16 hectares and 56 ares. It is situated at a distance of six km. from the shore.

3. Koswari Island
It is also called as Karsuvar Island.It is located seven km. from Tharuvaikulam village of Ottapidaram Taluk. Its area is 19.5 ha. It is included in Tharuvaikulam (village no.62,survey no.396) of Ottapidaram Taluk.

4. Karisauli Theevu
This island is located 10 km. off the shore of Pattanamarudur village of Ottapidaram Taluk.

5. Vilangusuli Island
It is the farthest island from the shore in the district. It forms part of Pattanamarudur village and is located 12 km. off the shore of the village.

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