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Family welfare

District Family Welfare Bureau.
Office of the Deputy Director of Medical Rural Health Services and Family welfare, Thoothukudi.
No.166, North Beach Road – Fisheries complex, Thoothukudi – 628 001 Phone 2320422


Functioning under the control of Director of Family Welfare, Chennai- 6.


Dr.Purusotham Vijayakumar, MS.,
Director of Family Welfare,
Chennai -6
Cell Numbers:- 9443106807,  9840511441 and 9444982655.


Dr.C.Ramiah, MBBS.,
Deputy Director of Medical Rural Health
Services and Family Welfare, Thoothukudi.
Cell Number.9444982682


Mass Education and Information Officer.
Cell Number: 9443584619

District Extension Educator,
Cell Number: 9486430227.


Thiru.A.Sudalaikannu, Office Superintendent
Cell Number: 9629403841

Duties and Responsibilities of Deputy Director of Medical Rural Health Services and Family Welfare, Thoothukudi.

1.       Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres      - LS Camps  Organizing and conducting and evaluation.

2.       Organizing and conducting NSV Camps and IEC Works.

3.       Providing funds and Sup0-ervising the IUD Camps in Primary Health Centres, Government Hospitals and Urban Health Posts.

4.       Government Hospitals - 90% Coverage of deliveries and Ps and LS
Camp Arrangement and follow up.

5.       Conducting IUD Training to all Staff of PHC and GH and Urban
Health Post.

6.       Conducting PS training to MBBS Doctors of PHC and GH.

7.       LS Training to Obstetricians / Gynecologists

8.       HOB work done by PHC is supervised and done sample survey.

9.       Collecting FW report from PHC, GH, Medical College Hospital, Urban Health Post and Approved Private Nursing Homes and consolidated and submitted to Director of Family Welfare every month.

10.     Regularly conducting monthly FW review meetings for ANMs, Block Health Statisticians, Block Extension Educator, District Extension Educator on second every month.

11.     Receiving condoms, Oral Pills, from Director of Family Welfare and issued to all Government Institutions through Tamil Nadu Medical Service Corporation.

12.     Receiving Copper T from Director of Family Welfare and issued to   
all Medical Institutions through Tamil Nadu Medical Service

13.     Receiving and Distributing Budget for LS Camp and IUD Camp and surgical team expenses to Government Institution.

14.     Verification of Sterilization failure cases and arranges for the drawal of compensation amount to the failure cases.

15.     Conducting Quality Assurance meeting for failure sterilization cases once in three months under the chairmanship of collector.

16.     Conducting inspection for the recognition of Private Nursing Homes to do Family Welfare Sterilization and MTP Services.

17.     Supervision of MTP work in Government Institution, Post Partum Centres and Private Nursing Homes.

18.     Distribution of funds for Operation Theatre functioning and Maintenance in Primary Health Centres and Government Hospitals.

19.     Combined Family Welfare review meeting along with Joint Director of Health Services, Deputy Director of Health Services and Medical Officers under the Chairmanship of the Collector every month.

20.     Combined Review meeting along with Medical officers for Maternal Death and Infant Death Audit Meeting at Collectorate.

21.     Attended the District Health Society review meetings at the Collectorate as a member.

22.     Providing Diet charges to the acceptors of Family Welfare Operations.

23.     Operation Theatre trainings to Staff Nurses, Theatre Assistants and Assistant Surgeons in doing LS Operations.

24.     Reimbursement of Health facility charges to Approved Private Nursing Homes.

25.     Carried out the instructions give by the Director of Family Welfare then and there.

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