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Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme



In Thoothukudi District MGNREGS is being implemented from 1.4.08 onwards.



The main objectives of the MGNREGS are.

  1. Enhance the livelihood
  2. Providing 100 days employment to every house hold.
  3. Guaranteed wage of Rs.119/- to both men  & women at equal rate according to quantity of work done .As per G.O.20 RD & Pt. Raj (CGS-1) date 11.2.2011 from 12.02.2011 the wage rate has been increased  to  Rs.119/-
  4. Workers may get TA(10% of the minimum wage rate) over and above their daily wage in case  the work site is located beyond 5 from their residence hamlet.


Implementing Authorities :


1.Implementing Authority  

President of concerned  Village Panchayat

2. Programme Co-ordinator 

District Collector

3. Joint Programme  Co-ordinator

Project Director, DRDA,Thoothukudi

4. Block Programme   Officer

BDO (V.Pts)


Fund Allocation:


Fund for this Scheme – Central share = 90% & State Share = 10%


Details of Register Maintenance :


 Under MGNREGS to ensure better record keeping the  following Registers were printed and issued by DRDA at District level , Panchayat Union Level & Panchayat level in the format prescribed by the Govt.


Village Panchayat :

  1. Application Registration and Job Card issue  Register.
  2. Register of Receipt and Expenditure
  3. Household Employment Register
  4. Job Card Stock Register
  5. Nominal Muster Roll (NMR) Stock Register


Panchayat Union :

  1. Bills Passed  Register
  2. Panchayat – Wise Release and Expenditure Register.
  3. Job Card Stock Register
  4. Nominal Muster Roll (NMR) Stock Register


District  Rural Development  Agency :

  1. Weekly Expenditure Register
  2. Panchayat Union – Wise Release and Expenditure Register
  3. Nominal Muster Roll (NMR) Stock Register
  4. Job Card Stock Register.
  5. ‘1299’ Complaint Register


Jobcards & NMR :


As per instructions issued by government . Job Card & NMR requirement was calculated and printed . We have disposed the  same to all Blocks &  Panchayats


Shelf of Project

As per Instruction  issued by DRD the works were selected in the following  priority under MGNREGS.

  1. Value of Individual work should not be less than Rs.3.00 lakhs.
  2. Easier execution
  3. Better Supervision
  4. Creation of visible durable assets and execution of whole some rather than piecemeal works.
  5. Pre measurement sketch and Photographs.
  6. Works should be approved by Gram Shaba
  7. Preparation of estimates as per Rural Schedule Rate.


Priority of works :

  1. New Ponds
  2. Renovation of existing Ponds, kuttais , Kulams, Ooranies and  Temple Tanks.
  3. Desilting of  Channels
  4. Desilting and Strengthening of bunds of Irrigation tanks.
  5. Formation of new roads.
  6. Other water conservation / Soil conservation  measures / Flood  protection measures.


Opening of  Bank Account  No – IV to each Panchayat
    1. As per G.O .Ms No 146 RD & PR Dept date 17.8.07 MGNREGS Separate Account No 4 was opened to all Panchayats for operation of NREGS Accounts.
    2. As per DRD.Do.Lr.No.46685/09/NREGS.1(1) date 3.12.2009 Administration account has been opened  for MGNREGS to use 6% of money  from wages amount for expense of administrative reasons expenditure .


Help Line Service


               There is a Provision of “1299”short code for NREGS helpline, So that workers under MGNREGS can contact the respective District Collector concerned for expressing their grievances and complaints.


Individual Bank Account

            As per G.O.Ms.No : 47 (RD&PR) (CGS-1) Dept  dated 24.3.08 the SB Accounts should be opened to all NREGS Job Card Holders for the payment of wages.

  1. More over as per DRD instructions   issued,  wages should be paid in cash only.
  2. Under NREGS, SB Account should be opened to all NREGS Job Card  Holders  either in the name of the individual or Joint Account in any one  of the nationalized Bank.
  3. If the wages are not able to disburse on the due date for disbursement it should be remitted to the saving Bank Account of the workers  concerned  with in the next working day.
  4. The details of Bank Account Number should be mentioned in the Register No : 1


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