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Readymade Garments Activities run by Women SHG assisted under SGSY Programme


Annapoorani Women Self Help Group

Readymade Garments

Kayamozhi readymade garments unit received us with the peddling music of sewing machines. Annapoorani Women Self Help Group consisting of 15 BPL are busily engaged in their sewing machines and packages of garments. The village itself stay calm and quiet indulged in their traditional occupation dealing with palm. Due to drought, the villages started migrating to urban areas seeking for better employment to earn their living. This migration made the members approach the Block officials, under their guidance the 15 ladies formed a SHG on 10.11.1999.



Approach Adopted :-

Various EDP and Orientation programmes were given to them through District Industrial centre. One among the members to set up a unit based on tailoring. Among them one member extended their backyard for setting the sewers. The activity began under a thatched shed of containing 8 sewing machines and 2 iron boxes, purchased with the help of Revolving Fund of Rs. 1,25,000/- assisted by DRD and bank loan of Rs. 1,25,000/-. The members involved in stitching nighties, inskirts, blouses and chudithars. In addition they purchase sarees in bulk and sell in instalments. The members work in twins for sales and production Rs. 30/- per day is being paid for each member, and the monthly sales amount of the SHG had accompolished to Rs. 5000/- 1500/- per month. During festive seasons they had attained Rs. 25000/- sales per month.


SHG – the smash hitter :-

The problem of migration is being paused through the efforts of the SHG. Now their income through this earning is sufficient and sustainable, above all the members are self employed on their homes. They are able to manage the family as before cause they are engaged in work only for 3 – 4 hours a day. Through the income raised from sales the members had repaid the debts and loan without fail.



Scanning their Social involvement they actively participate in environmental cleaning and assisting the poor students economically.

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