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Palm Leaf Activities run by Women SHG assisted under SGSY Programme


"Climbing the peak of palms"

Mutharamman Women Self Help Group, Sivaloor of Udangudi

Palm products has its craze, up field even today. The members of Fathima women Self Help Group, Kulasekarapattinam of Udangudi Thoothukudi District. are engaged in processing craft work out of palm leaves.

Approach Adopted :-

To balance the societal status, the urge for self employment is being increased among women with the ultimate objective of forming a new business they formed a Self Help Group of 20 members. Using the united power the members decided purchase the dried palm leaves in bulk at a cheaper rate. They stood hand in hand for bulk purchase. In order to assist their movements the District Rural Development Agency granted them Revolving fund of Rs. 25,000/- for a group. The total fund was invested in purchase of raw materials and building. Among the members, some utilized it for repaying their old debts.

DRDA to enhance their crafts arranged for the technical training programme. The members were benefited from the training programme. As the result the members were used to make toys, plates, garlands, baskets and many more Being previously professionally trained the members produce mats, boxes and baskets as per the order.

Garlanding their efforts :-

The members were encouraged to exhibit the produces in Trade fairs held at Chennai, Kanniyakumari, Delhi, Mysore by DRDA. Their efforts was properly recognised and appreciated. A Bank loan of Rs. 2,50,000/- with 1,25,000 subsidy of DRDA has been sanctioned to the groups. A portion of the loan was utilised for their personal need and rest was invested in their developments. The group maintains the daily accounts and they yield a net project of Rs. 6,450/- per month. The group members earn an average net income of Rs. 1000 - 1500/- per month. During bulk order from Monday Market and Kanniyakumari their income increases accordingly.

The members are seen self contented with the job. The put in their creativity to innovate new crafts. The total sales amount of palm leaf products round to Rs. 9000 - 9400/- per week.

The group had succeeded in setting a business unit. Their children were able to continue their studies without any monitory hindrance and some of their children shine up in training themselves in computers, typewriters, driving etc.,

Apart of it the group members engage in social activities by participating in eye treatment camp, helping in issue of handicapped and few economical assistance to the poor and needy.

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