The nine Vishnu Temples are located very close to one another. They are all in Thoothukudi District. The Vaishnava shrines are having an interesting legend. The shrines are notable for nine stone carvings and temple architecture.

Sl No

Name  of the Place

Distance  (Km)

Name of the deity

Dharshan Time





Swami Kallapiran

6-12 A.M and

4.-8 P.M



1km  Srivaikundam

Swami Vijayasanar

9 A.M To 6 P.M



2km from Srivaikundam

Swami Kaisinivenda Perumal

9 A.M To 6 P.M



8km from Srivaikundam

Swami Mayakoothan

7.30 -12.00A.M

5.00 -7.30 P.M


Erattai Thiruppathi 1 from Srivaikundam

Swami Devarpiran

8 A.M To 5 P.M


Erattai Thiruppathi 2 from Srivaikundam

Swami Senthamarai Kannan

8 A.M To 5 P.M



12 km from Srivaikundam

Swami Maharanedungkuzhaikadar          

7.30 -12.00A.M

5.00 -7.30 P.M



8km from Srivaikundam

Swami Vaithimanithi

7.30 -12.00A.M

5.00 -7.00P.M



5 km from Srivaikundam


Swami Aathipiran

7.30 -12.00A.M

5.00 -8.00P.M

Most of the Thirupathi are located on the main road from Tiruchendur to Tirunelveli. Among the nine, two temples i.e Alwarthirunagari and Srivaikundam are located on the main road between Tiruchendur and Tirunelveli. The other seven temples are located little interior from the main road. The pilgrims those who are visiting Thiruchendur they will pay a visit to Alwarthirunagari and Srivaikundam. These two temples are situated on the bank of the river Tamirabarani. In these two temples every year a festival is celebrated in the month of September for 10 days on large scale. Every year in the month of September to October (Tamil month Purataci ) all Saturday ‘s the Tamilnadu State Transport corporation ply the special buses to these Navathirupathi Temples from Tirunelveli New Bus-stand. Advance booking also done.

Chairman Arunachalasamy Temple –Eral: This Temple is dedicated to an ordinary man called Arunachalam who lived in this town and dedicated his life for the welfare of the people. People of this village believed that he is the incarnation of god and thereby began to worship him after his death. A Temple was constructed in the village. In due course of time this temple town began to attract large number of devotees. The festival is celebrated in a grand manner for 12 days before Adi Amavasai and Thai Amavasai every year (Tel: 04630-271281)

Ottappidaram: This is the birth place of Freedom fighter Thiru. V. O Chidambaranar. This place is located at a distance of 25 kms from Thoothukudi and 2kms from Kattabomman Memorial Fort Panchalankurichi. The house in which he lived has been converted in to a Memorial. He was instrumental in the freedom struggle in the district and operated the Swadesi shipping Company during the rule of the British.

Karkkuvel Ayyanar Temple – Kuthiraimozhitheri –Therikudiyiruppu: The famous Karkkuvel Ayyanar Temple is situated in the forest in the Kurthiraimozhitheri –Therikudiyiruppu village near Kayamozhi. It is believed by the people of this region that a notorious thief was killed by a king called Vanniyaraja as ordered by the village deity Karkkuvel Ayyanar. and saved the people. Annual “Kallar Vettu” (Killing the thief) festival is held during the Tamil Month of Karthigai (November/December) which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over Tamil Nadu.

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