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Fish Pickle


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Keela Arasaradi


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Annai Therasa


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Fish Pickle Activities run by Women SHG assisted under SGSY Programme

The Group effort of women has proved the eradication of poverty fate, over Vellapatti, Thoothukudi District. The Annai Therasa fish pickle unit had addressed the whole village, in the form of the women society formed out of 13 SHG members those members had targeted for the sky and started marching ahead for its accomplishment.

Approach Adopted:

One member representing a SHG had been chosen for Annai Therasa fish pickle unit which was formed under M.S.Swaminathan foundation Trust. An Unit worth of Rs.20.00Lakhs was constructed with adequate infrastructures and machinery worth of Rs. 3,49,000/- including 4 electronic freezer, 1 electronic balance, 1 weighing balance, hand and pedal sealing machines, necessary utensils, dressing table, aprons head caps with equipped laboratory.

The members were trained on preparing fish pickles, prawn pickles, Sangu chips, Coony etc., All the 13 ladies are involved in preparation after they had undergone training at Navam Pickles, Nagercoil. The working hours is from 2.00PM to 5.00PM. They engage in preparation of fish and prawn pickles in wholesome quantity varying from 50kgs to 150 kgs per day.

Their hygienic preparation had attracted various wholesales retail units, local public towards their products. They had entered to a agreement with a private marketing company of Thoothukudi for continuous supply of fish and prawn pickles.

Oceanic Benefits:

For about Rs. 1,63,000/- worth of fish and prawn pickles had been sold through the marketers from August 2005. Apart from it, the members involve in personal selling of their marine products, which had fetched a sales amount of Rs. 1,33,000/- The members of the fish pickle unit is paid Rs. 750/- per month. As the income fisherman is seasonal the members found it difficult to continue their children education but this employment benefit allows to continue their educational progress.

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